Sunday, August 21, 2016

Family Portraits on Film

After 8 weeks of hosting my folks, we've sent them back home to the heat and humidity of 'Nam. Even in our warmest months, they ocassionally found it 'cold' and often wore sweaters and jackets while we melted away in sweat and discomfort. I found myself questioning how they managed to spend 30 winters here without truly acclimatizing, but that's a mystery we'll never solve.

While it's nice to have the house to ourselves again (them being early risers, and us being night owls), it also leaves me feeling slightly sad that I can't come home to the smell of mom's cooking anymore, or to crack a beer with my dad. And even more significantly, now who am I going to convince to sit for some film portraits on various random cameras?

Photos below shot with the Holga, a 70 year old war era Graflex Speed Graphic, and a Rolleiflex.

Holga 120N & Lady Grey 400 film
Family on Film-5

Family on Film-4

Family on Film-6

Family on Film-9

Graflex Speed Graphic & Ilford HP3 film that expired in 1962
These shots are kind of boring, but this is probably the only chance I'll ever have to photograph the 'rents on a large format camera. My dad was so fascinated by the fact that I had to duck under a dark towel to see and focus this camera.
Family on Film-11

Family on Film-10

Family on Film-12

Rolleiflex 2.8E TLR & Ilford HP5+ film
Mom prepares 2 dungeness crabs for dinner.
Family on Film-2

Family on Film-3

Family on Film-1

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