Saturday, February 14, 2009


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So today is Valentine's Day. I hate this day. The commercialization of love and romance is about as disturbing as equating Christmas to flat screen TVs and a roll of tube socks.

Having said that, I had a day off on Friday, and I still felt conflicted about being the VDay grinch, so I bought a bouquet of roses and surprised Anita at her work. Regardless of my thoughts on the matter, I still had a wife to please... And yes, I know that flower gifts are for the creatively challenged, or the lazy. I happen to be a bit of both.


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  1. seriously? You are the last person I thought would buy flowers.... what happened to your creativity? what about all the fossil fuel it wastes to import those flowers? What happened to your environmentalism? Then again... yes, you're lazy, comrade. see you tomorrow, hun.