Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Winter in Saskatoon

Have you ever wondered what -53 degrees C looks like? No? Me neither. But since I made the poor life decision to schedule a work visit to Saskatoon this week, where it was that very temperature this morning, I figured I may as well embrace it and snap some photos for you to see. While -53 degrees (factoring in windchill) is indeed cold enough to freeze the nuts off a bridge (or insert any other hyperbole here), it also makes for some moody Siberia-esque scenes. I went outside for about 1/2 hour to capture these scenes, before I lost all feeling in my face and fingers, and called it a day. I hope you enjoy these 'more frigid than a 70 year old nun' scenes from the comfort of your toasty home.

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Winter in Saskatoon

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Stories from the Summit: Mt. Baldy in Winter

We spent yesterday scrambling up to the south summit of Mt. Baldy in Kananaskis. For late January, the front ranges are surprisingly bereft of snow. Some stories of note related to this latest adventure:

1) Friday night, Anita asks which mountain we're going to hike. I tell her Mt. Baldy, which we'd done 3 years ago, but in the summer. She thought about it for a while, unfamiliar with what I was talking about. Then, her only memory of that mountain came to her: "Ohhhh! The one where you tore a foot long hole in your shorts!" Yes, hunny, that one. :(

2) When we got to the summit, Jaspaul made his 360 summit video before I'd even had a chance to set my pack down, and without me seeing so I couldn't purposefully interrupt it with random bits of advice. I have nuggets of wisdom to share dammit!

3) When we'd gotten back down into Baldy Pass, we passed by a group that asked us where we'd come from. When we explained we'd gone up the South Summit, they questioned why we didn't do the full loop (North summit traverse), even though they'd only done a short hike to the Pass, and turned around. Innocent enough question I thought, but Jas and Anita were seriously offended, like we'd just been called a bunch of fatasses or something. LOL.

Enjoy the photos. My favourite is the one of the summit beers (plus one anomaly).

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-11

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-18
Views of mountains for days.

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-17
The beginning part of the trek in towards Baldy Pass.

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-2

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-1

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-3

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-5

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-6

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-4

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-8

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-9

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-10

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-12
Three Summit Brews... and a soy milk?

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-13

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-14
It was a wee bit windy. In case you couldn't tell by the way Anita's bundled up.

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-15

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-20
Jas, showing us that he's some kind of special...

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy - Jan 2019-16
Back down in the pass, it was super warm.

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Magical Day in Calgary

The combination of cold weather, hoarfrost from the fog a couple days ago, and the light bit of snow overnight, made for an unbelievably pretty city yesterday... I spent an hour wandering suburbia getting my ass frostbitten, shooting these fleeting scenes that would be gone by the next day. If you were stuck working on Friday (like a sucker!) you missed out on the most magical day in Calgary.

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-12

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-8

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-5

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-3

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-2

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-9

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-7

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-6

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-10

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-11

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-14

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-15

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-16

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-17

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-19

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-4

Hoarfrost in Calgary - 2019-1