Saturday, May 2, 2009

Missing the big Picture

A shot of the Calgary Skyline at night - 15 second exposure, zoomed out during the last 5 seconds. I'm taking the intro photography course at SAIT right now (it's a prerequisite to any of the advanced courses), and they aren't teaching anything you can't learn on your own. So instead, I've been doing more people watching than paying attention. You can always pick out the Engineer in a room - in my class, he's the guy with the Nikon D700 ($3000 body only) that didn't know what a sensor was, and couldn't understand how going from 1/60sec to 1/125sec was a halving of the amount of light. "60 into 125 ISN'T a half!!!" I'm thinking that he's, pardon my pun, missing the big picture?


  1. At least this guy was in the into class. I've taken several advanced classes at Metro and even then it seems that half the time is taken up by people in the class who don't understand the basics of metering or exposure. I guess that's what happens when the prerequisite classes aren't pass/fail.

    b.t.w. I just found your blog, it looks great. I'll be back. :)

  2. Hey Mike! Thanks for the visit. I've been to your blog, but there's been no updates lately? No new photos of Forrest?

    I'm heading off to Japan on Thursday, but when I get back, I was hoping to pick your brain on studio lighting, and some other photo related stuff. Will contact you when we get back at the end of May.


  3. Yes, I'm way behind on my blogging...but when it comes to a choice between updating the blog or hanging out with the little's an easy decision. ;)

    Have fun in Japan and if you want to play around with my studio lights, I'm sure we can arrange that.


  4. Welcome back. I updated my blog...just for you. ;)

  5. Thanks. And I had noticed you'd updated. Quite a lot at once too. Nice work. I like the Easter Landscape shots you took at the farm. And the lightning ones are great too. How long of an exposure for those?

  6. I was jumping around between 10 and 30 seconds. Exposure wasn't really an issue, the challenge was catching a strike.