Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 1

Not that one should ever complain about warm weather, but it is HOT here in Vancouver. Once in a lifetime heatwave, they call it. I would actually term it a 'If you don't have AC, you're F*CKED' wave. Seriously, I swat (sweated?) more climbing up grouse mountain in an hour and some yesterday than I would normally if we did an 8 hour scramble. I had 3 showers, and changed twice just so that I wouldn't knock people out from the odour of my sweat stained clothes. Bleghh...

And so much for packing multiple cameras - in a day and a half here, I've managed to shoot 1 photo, and that was with the fricking point and shoot. I need to get off my ass and into the heat again.

Stay cool...


  1. Between the heat, the rain, and pure convenience, I took hundreds on p&s shots on my 6 week trip and maybe only a few dozen on my two dslrs.

    Also, Grouse is rad.

  2. Hey Marc, I've been following your trip on your KLR blog. Looks like it's been a really awesome trip.