Monday, September 7, 2009

I Don't Do Landscapes

Let's confirm two things. One - I am a tard. I packed all my camera gear, tripods, polarizers, lenses, speedlight, camera bags, cleaning cloths, lens pens, memory cards, etc, and headed out to Canmore for a weekend of hiking and photography. Then I turn on the D300, and am dismayed to find out it is nearly out of juice from the wedding shoot I did last weekend. And of course, the fully charged spare battery I have? That's right, at home, alongside the charger. Genius! There really is something to be said about a body that uses AA's instead of proprietary lithium ions.

Two - I don't do landscapes. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to taking photos of nature. I don't know how to use an ND Grad, I don't quite get how to use my polarizer, I don't have a wide angle lens, and most importantly, I suck at composing interesting landscapes. So when I went out and tried to take a few landscape shots, my instinct was to immediately try to make something abstract and artsy instead.

Reflections of trees in a pond - turned upside down and cropped in Photoshop

You can see where the ground meets the water's edge in this one.

And now for the crappy boring actual landscape shots:

Look at that placement of the horizon... right smack in the middle of the frame. Ansel Adams, I am not.

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