Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fanboys piss me off

Nikon is about to announce the D3s at all of their worldwide events planned for Oct. 14/09. Queue the Canon fanboys and the 'but it doesn't do 1080p' rhetoric. Of course, this is going to sound like sour grapes coming from a Nikon shooter, but I fucking hate tech fanboys. And more importantly, I fucking hate the douchebag commenters on Gizmodo. Some loser who's never shot a picture that anyone gave a shit about is going on and on and on about how Nikon shit the bed because the D3s doesn't shoot 1080p video... cause that's what a photographer dropping 8000 grand on a camera (body only) wants - to become a film maker. If you want to shoot 1080p for serious video work, go drop a few grand on a real HD camera. Don't buy a Porsche and complain that it doesn't haul your tent trailer very well... you fucking morons. Such is the power of the internets - it unfortunately gives voice to those that should never be heard...

Now, before everyone goes off the deep end on me, I'm definitely not a Canon hater. I think both Nikon and Canon have their strong points, and certainly shortcomings as well. I actually think Canon got everything right with the 5D Mk II. So much so, that if I wasn't already so invested into the Nikon system, I may have considered switching brands if and when I was ready to go full frame.

I guess my point is that, no matter what Company A does, a fanboy of Company B will forever bash bash bash, without ever stopping to think about the shit coming out of their mouths.

And with that, I'm off before I manage to drop any more F-bombs. Sorry about the language tonight.



  1. I have a Canon & a Nikon (d40, XS). I bought both of their cheap DSLRs, so that future-expanding of my equipment would be more "planned out," and I would be able to see which one I like better. Turns out, they're pretty much the same thing. As far as I'm concerned, there are only two different DSLRs on the market: Full frame and cropped sensor. Everything else is just buttons and brands.

  2. Heh... I like your rants. It's the same with guitars (Fender vs. Gibson). My favorite is guitarists who aren't in bands and never play live who live in a small apartment who buy 500 watt amps and can never turn them up past 2. Those guys are funny.


  3. hahah... Marc, I love it - 'Everything else is just buttons and brands'. That's gonna be my new motto.

    Hey Cody! So true, so true. People are more obsessed about how much they spent, or what their gear is capable of than actually getting the most (use/ versatility) out of what they have. I hate people.

  4. Nikon sucks! :P haha

    ok i'm not going to bother looking up the camera model specs of which you complain about, but i'm assuming we;re on the same page with "why the fuck does an SLR shoot video??" HAHAH
    those cameras could have edible chocolate parts and be smothered in Nutella and still...who's bright idea was this? yeah you're going to look like a real professional there standing around with an SLR shooting a movie of your dog chasing squirrels up a tree and then brag about the awesome quality and features your SLR does HAHAH

    plus when will people learn? you have shitty pictures because you're a shitty photographer, not because you have shitty equipment. So no matter how many features canon and nikon shove into their cameras(and then get Avril lavigne on their posters...cos she's cool you know and is THE perfect person to advertise for and SLR..eye roll..), there will still be bad photographers who walk around with thousands of dollars of equipment and take crap shots of vacation tourist spots. And don't get me started on the colour selection..when you have a whole shot in BW but only anything green or red or blue shows as colour in the picture. useless gimmicks.

    ok that was my rant bit :D