Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gastroscopic Update

Well now having gone through the actual procedure (see previous post), I can confidently say that the IV drugs they give you are awesome. The nurse tells you that the drugs will make you drowsy and that you likely won't remember much. She's mostly right. I remember trying to say "I'll try" (but it came out sounding more like 'hff hhgg' as I had the bite block keeping my jaw open), and then waking up a short while later with no memory of when it had started, how long I'd been out, or even of the waking up process - my first memory after the procedure is of being fully awake and looking around at the nurses wondering if I could leave yet. I wonder how long I'd actually been awake but obviously still somewhat drugged to the point that my brain was still unable to lay new memories yet...?

Fun times.

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