Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Immature Shits and Giggles: Photobombs at Nerdfest

A friend referred to this weekend's Calgary Comic Con and Expo as 'Nerdfest,' which I guess isn't actually that far from the truth. I'd never really seen it that way, though, in part because a person can actually enjoy comics or sci-fi stuff, while also having non-nerd-like hobbies too (you know, like scrambling mountains, drinking beer, playing sports, and all the other non-nerdy stuff that we do on a day to day basis). But for a couple hours today, I guess I was a pocket protector wearing nerdbag... and proud to say that I enjoyed it anyways.

I made it a mission to take photos of all the costumed folks while Dean would sneak in behind the scene and photobomb. We got about 30 sets of these done before it got boring. These are some selected highlights:

Tank Girl!!

Wonder Woman and girl Robin

Green Hornet and Kato.

Riker. This one is my favourite because not only is Dean photobombing, but some random chick also happened to be doing it not knowing that was our game. Oh, and the dude actually looks like Riker.

The cast of the original Final Fantasy.

The Batmen...

Scarlett Witch and Kitty Pryde

??? Any idea who they are?

This one wasn't a photobomb, but Robocop is awesome, so he gets a guest spot in this blog post anyways.

AT-AT Style.

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