Sunday, October 28, 2012

Can't Dispute The Wife's Logic

We finish supper, and talk a bit about what needs to be done for tomorrow. A small snippet of that conversation excerpted below.

      Anita: You can give me $2200.
      George: Did you mean to say, 'CAN you give me $2200'.
      Anita: No, first rule of Verbal Judo - don't ask, TELL.
      George: ...

And in unrelated news, I bought the Sony RX100 yesterday... I'd been hunting for something small that I could lug around everywhere, and after endless debate over going mirrorless or not, I settled on this overpriced advanced compact instead. Initial thoughts? Worth every penny. I'll post some test shots for you to see soon. Jpegs straight out of the camera, shot at ISO 1600 in low light, are clean clean clean. I haven't tested it shooting RAW yet (need to update Camera Raw first), but will give a full review later.

RX100 Test Shot

Pixel peeping a shot from last night's Going Away Hurrah for Vania. I'm gonna miss these adventures with you, Poonie!

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  1. aw such a sweet and wicked post. Wifey and me both mentioned that automatically means it's cool right? haha... in other news, who takes of pictures they took? :p

    In fairness, this is a neat photo, and the new camera is even nicer! #macbookair win