Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Film Developing Virgin, Deflowered.

I finally worked up the motivation to develop my own black and white film at home. I shot a roll of Neopan 1600 at the Hannah Georgas show this weekend at the Republik, and processed it last night with minimal problems - no spills, no burns, no chemicals splashing in my eye. Win! Sadly, the film came out extremely grainy and underexposed, even when pushed a stop. Ah well. I still like the results. It's like your first car - total piece of crap, but you still love it.

Hannah Georgas at the Republik-5

Hannah Georgas at the Republik-7

Hannah Georgas at the Republik-6

Hannah Georgas at the Republik

Hannah Georgas at the Republik-2

Hannah Georgas at the Republik-3

Hannah Georgas at the Republik-4

In case you're interested - this was Fuji Neopan 1600 (shot at 3200) developed in Ilfosol 3 at 1:9 dilution. 12 minutes at 22 degrees C. Continuous agitation for the first 1/2 min, then 5 second inversion/ agitation every 30 seconds after.


  1. i personally love the grain. I love grimey concert shots especially since those small venues are so poorly lit, it would take a miracle to get decent exposure. I usually make mine BW and super grainy(on digital) just to make it more interesting...and yes i guess that's a bias but it just reminds me of old school concert photography

  2. Hey Jiorji! Thanks, I do like grainy b&w concert shots as well. I think the problem is that I underexposed a lot of these shots, so to bring out any detail in the scanning, I had to boost the midtones and shadows which really exacerbated the grain. You been shooting many live shows lately?

  3. not lately...stupid winter. don't feel like doing much