Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tracy & Dave - A Forbidden City Wedding

I got a chance to snap a few photos at my cousin's wedding this weekend. It's hard to properly capture the milestones of a wedding day when you're not the actual photographer... I was probably getting in the way of (and annoying the crap out of) the two actual paid photographers, but luckily one of them happened to be another instructor at the school I teach with, so I got off easy and didn't get yelled at for intruding. :)

Photos below: Traditional tea ceremony at the bride's family, and some shots from the banquet at Forbidden City.

Not shown below: One photo of the ginormous bowl of Shark Fin Soup each table was served. Take THAT eco-activists!

Tracy and Dave's Wedding

Tracy and Dave's Wedding-2

Tracy and Dave's Wedding-3

Tracy and Dave's Wedding-4

Tracy and Dave's Wedding-6

Tracy and Dave's Wedding-9

Tracy and Dave's Wedding-8

Tracy and Dave's Wedding-5

Tracy and Dave's Wedding-10

Tracy and Dave's Wedding-7

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