Thursday, January 29, 2015

3 inch noodle of slobber

You know how sometimes, you awake to discover with a 60/40 mixture of horror and embarrassment that there is a small wet puddle on your chest, and a drooping length of saliva hanging freely from your slightly slack maw? The drool, slowly descending, a result of your body's relaxed state during a momentary nap in which you've dozed into that dreamlike torpor of half-consciousness where you are vaguely aware of your surroundings, but everything appears as somewhat surreal and grotesque. Sound unfamiliar? Okay, maybe it's just me.

So riding the transit is a big part of my day. Not because I enjoy it, but as with the other bajillion commuters jostling for the finite real estate of the bus in the mornings, I do it because I can't afford parking in downtown Cowtown. Meaning, I often see the same people every morning. The sounds of their jackets rustling, or music leaking out of their too loud/ poorly fitted earbuds, and their occasional conversations serve as my own personal army of bedtime storytellers, while the bus rocks me to sleep on my way to work. Nice, right? Except there's something incredibly shocking, horrifying, and embarrassing about awaking on a bus to discover you are in mid drool, and must make that loud slurping motion to rewind the 3 inch noodle of slobber abseiling from your mouth, threatening to join the kiddie pool sized puddle already glistening on the front of your jacket. Yes folks, in the hierarchy of the medieval bus riding populace, I claim the crown of court jester. If you can't be the elegant dame, dammit it all the hell, I'm gonna be the fool and be it well.

Okay, completely unrelated photos tonight, but I only had time to scan a couple frames of film. These are our friends, Marc and Ana, who live and teach English not far outside of Tokyo. We met up for a day and hung out in Shinjuku and Shibuya, camera shopped, ate Korean food, drank beer, did some more shopping, drank sake from a juice box, ate smoked oysters, and drank some more beer.

First two photos: Kiev 88, Arsat 80mm lens, Kodak Tri-X 400. Developed in Rodinal for 7:00min. Remaining photos - Fuji X100s.

The Marc and Ana Show-2
Ana san.

The Marc and Ana Show-1
Marcu san.

The Marc and Ana Show-3
Fish Pastry!

The Marc and Ana Show-4
Regular Marc

The Marc and Ana Show-5

The Marc and Ana Show-6

The Marc and Ana Show-7
Ana decides this restaurant isn't good enough for us. Move on.

The Marc and Ana Show-8
We settled on a Korean restaurant.

The Marc and Ana Show-9

The Marc and Ana Show-10
Marc's new favourite backpack.

The Marc and Ana Show-11
Look at that beautiful light of golden hour.

The Marc and Ana Show-12
Sake... from a juice box... bought from 7-Eleven.

The Marc and Ana Show-13

The Marc and Ana Show-14

The Marc and Ana Show-15

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