Monday, July 13, 2015

Rob and Andrea's Wedding

It's been a while since I last posted anything. Mostly because I spent every waking hour frantically trying to finish processing this wedding before we went on vacation.

Here are some shots from Rob and Andrea's big day that Dean and I shot. I hadn't photographed a wedding for a couple years, and after doing this one, I was sharply reminded of why I avoid doing them - because they are stressful as frick, and I'm just crap at shooting them. While I do like how the images turned out from this day, it still resulted in a stressful couple weeks of self doubt and worry that I may have ruined my friends' wedding.

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-14

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-1

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-2

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-3

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-4

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-5

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-6

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-8

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-9

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-10

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-11

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-12

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-13

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-7

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-15

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-16

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-17

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-18

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-19

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-20

Notes on shooting this day - I managed to 1) piss off the wedding officiant, 2) accidentally toggle my full frame camera into 1.2x crop mode for the most important parts of the ceremony, and 3) run out of batteries in my speed light right as the bride and groom were kissing for the first time as newlyweds. *Amateur at work! But also some important lessons learned, so it's not all bad!

And because I have ZERO design skills, I thought I'd share my pathetic first attempts at Team Groom and Team Bride signs, chalkboard style.

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-22

Rob and Andrea - Wedding-21

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