Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Atypical Tourist - Berlin in photos

We've been toying with the idea of moving to the downtown core for a few years now, and every hour long bus commute to work in the morning and evening just strengthens that desire. One would think that in this economy, the prices would be dropping in lock step with rising unemployment in the oil patch. So you'll excuse my 'spitting out coffee' level surprise when we were informed that prices were going up, and that a 1200 sq. ft condo in the East Village was just shy of $900,000. Double U, TEE, FAACKK?! This makes less sense than Trump leading the Republican race. Who are you 'more money than brains' people snapping up overpriced units? STOP IT. George needs to get out of suburbia, and you're not helping!

Anyways... how about some photos. Rather than bore you with just shots of touristy Berlin, I picked a random bunch that I thought were just neat things, shapes, patterns, and scenes from our week there. And beer. Because GERMANY! Enjoy.

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-1
Sunset on museum island.

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-2
A bunch of knobs. Which, fittingly, is what I think of you folks snapping up all the places I want to live in downtown... EFF YOU very much.

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-7

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-5
The East Gallery, featuring remaining sections of the Berlin Wall.

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-6
Sprinkled throughout Berlin are these old school analog photo booths. Pure MAGIC.

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-12

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-13

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-4

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-3

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-8

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-11

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-15
Beautiful sunset colours... as seen from inside the depressing barracks of Dachau concentration camp...

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-14

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-16
Surf and Turf burger. A most literal interpretation.

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-10
Weissbier! Delicious nectar of the gods.

Atypical Tourist - Berlin-9
The imposing and beautiful blue walls of the Ishtar Gate, built by the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar.

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