Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Historic Center of Lhasa

We spent our first few days in Tibet in the capital city, Lhasa. The city's historic center, Barkhor Square, is a vibrant quarter featuring an eclectic mix of Tibetans walking the kora around the Jokhang Monastery, a multitude of Tibetan arts and crafts vendors and shops, tourists taking in the sights and sounds, and numerous open air yak butcher shops. Just wandering around the meandering streets was an absolute delight.

Some of you may also know that we attempted to bring home a few packs of Yak Jerky as souvenirs, but had them confiscated by the Canada Border Services folks when we landed in Vancouver. It's a good thing we didn't buy the vacuum packed, ready to eat 'Yak Whip Meat' (which I would quickly discover was actually yak penis), or that would've been an embarrassing encounter at the customs counter. But yet, had I attempted to bring home some decorative yak skulls instead of the jerky, apparently, we would have been allowed to do so provided we made efforts to have them properly 'treated'. Sigh... #skullsbeforejerky #saywhaaaaat?

Anyways, I wanted to share some street photos taken of life and sights in and around the Barkhor area.

Barkhor Square-13
Tibetans prostrating themselves inside the Jokhang Monastery.

Barkhor Square-14

Barkhor Square-15
Prostrating outside the Jokhang Monastery.

Barkhor Square-16

Barkhor Square-1
Open air yak and goat meat butcher shops.

Barkhor Square-2

Barkhor Square-3

Barkhor Square-4

Barkhor Square-5

Barkhor Square-8

Barkhor Square-9

Barkhor Square-10
Yak head

Barkhor Square-11

Barkhor Square-12
Decorative yak skulls

Barkhor Square-17

Barkhor Square-18

Barkhor Square-19

Barkhor Square-20

Barkhor Square-21

Barkhor Square-22

Barkhor Square-7

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