Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dear Stomach: I'm Sorry!

It appears that I need to pen a letter to my stomach anytime Kris and Nicole come down to visit. It's a short letter that basically reads, "Dear Stomach: I'm sorry!" Because, while we always go out and enjoy a day of sensory delights for our palates, the punishment to our stomachs afterwards is inexcusable. After our 8 hour food and drink odyssey yesterday, I went to bed and experienced what it must be like to try sleeping while 7 months pregnant, as I had incubated a rather active food baby in my tummy.

If you think I speak in hyperbole, here's what our itinerary between noon and 8pm looked like: 1) Brunch at Ten Foot Henry -> 2) Shakes and fries at Re:Grub -> 3) Beer Flights from the Cold Garden taproom -> 4) Hot Chocolates and 'pork wings' at PZA Parlour -> 5) Beer Flights from Banded Peak Brewing -> 6) All you can eat hot pot at Regency Palace. Aside from making our way from place to place, the only downtime we had in between was spent buying beer at Oak and Vine, and sodas and potato chips at Bite Groceteria.

A day of Excess-13
Just the lead off photo to entice you.

A day of Excess-2
Kris and Nicole at Ten Foot Henry - the very reason my palate feels enriched, but my stomach feels destroyed this morning.

A day of Excess-3

A day of Excess-4

A day of Excess-1

A day of Excess-5
Immediately upon finishing brunch, we walked here.

A day of Excess-6
For some delicious milkshakes.

A day of Excess-7

A day of Excess-8
And some asiago truffle fries.

A day of Excess-10
Next up: Cold Garden taproom.

A day of Excess-11
Flights served with old sawed off skis.

A day of Excess-12
Pool noodle decor. It's eclectic, to say the least.

A day of Excess-9
The beautiful wooden bar, burned by electricity.

A day of Excess-14
PZA Parlour's signature concoction for YYC Hot Chocolate Fest. Nutella infused, pop rock rimmed glass, marshmallow foam, and topped with an Italian donut.

A day of Excess-15
The only appropriate thing to do with delicious pop rocks stuck on your glass.

A day of Excess-22
Delightful Pork 'wings' at PZA.

A day of Excess-16
The taproom at Banded Peak Brewing.

A day of Excess-17
More beer flights. Fun side note: You can get 1 litre cans of the craft brews here!

A day of Excess-18
And to cap off the glutton fest, we finished with some all you can eat hot pot at Regency Palace. I regret nothing.

A day of Excess-21
While not food related, we went out for a stroll to walk off a calorie or two from the day's events. This was the 'Nibbles' installation for the Glow Downtown Winter Lights Festival.

A day of Excess-20


  1. This is an amazing day! I want to hang out with you on a weekend!

  2. Good lord. I read your blog often George, but this required a post expressing both my admiration for this gluttonous feat and horror at your total caloric intake for the day.

  3. So, what's on the menu for today!?