Monday, July 17, 2017

Trip Report - Ship's Prow to Miner's Peak

Our original plan for Sunday's hike was to scramble up Ship's Prow Peak, but as with all plans made for the day after a night of drinking... things didn't exactly work out as we expected. Let's rewind.

Saturday evening, I declared that I wasn't going to drink too much at Tytus' birthday shindig, because hiking. Naturally, I drank too many delicious beers that evening, and woke up feeling a bit dehydrated and tired. Anita woke up even later than me, having hardly slept, and I assumed that she would suggest we skip the hike altogether. But when she saw that I was ready to go despite the hangover, she didn't want to appear soft, and so off we went, two hours later than planned. We arrived to unsettled weather, couldn't find a trail, and set off to bushwhack through some light mossy forest, when Anita said something about seeing a black shape moving in the distance. I told her not to spook herself... but shortly after, we encountered the fairly freshly picked clean bones of a deer carcass (see photos). Then we were both spooked, and decided that fighting some top level predator like a bear or cougar was not on our wishlist for the day.

As a backup plan, we headed up Miner's Peak, where we had the entire summit to ourselves as all the others on the route turned to head up Ha Ling Peak instead. Not quite as planned, but an awesome day nonetheless.

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-11

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-2
The ominous bones that made us turn back from Ship's Prow Peak...

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-1
A deer?

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-3

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-4
Separating ourselves from the rest of the crowd heading up Ha Ling.

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-5
Nearing the summit of Miner's Peak, Anita is bagged.

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-6

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-7

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-8

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-9

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-10

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-12

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-13

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-14
One of my favourite shots from the day.

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-15
What an odd feeling, standing at the edge of the light, watching the storm roll in.

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-16
Incoming smoke and ash from the BC wildfires.

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-17

Scrambles - Miner's Peak-18
Some of the beers that lead to our truncated late start...


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