Friday, April 13, 2018

Tokyo from the Top

We're back from our short adventure in Taiwan and Tokyo. My sole intention for this trip was to eat my weight in seafood, sushi, and delicious street food, but we also managed to squeeze in some fun bonus experiences in between bouts of gorging.

I have endless photos left to sort through, but here's a quick set of the Tokyo skyline taken from our penthouse hotel suite. <-- Not really. Our hotel room was a poorly air conditioned little box that had a view directly into the cubicle of some salaryman working himself to death. How inspiring.

These cityscapes were taken over a few days from the observation decks of Roppongi Hills Tower, the Metropolitan Government Building, and the Tokyo Skytree, all as the light faded from afternoon sun to dusk. Pro tip: if you're going to head up to any observation deck to snap photos, always go about an hour before sunset, so you get to see the transition from daylight to evening while up there. Enjoy.

Also, 'Dear Salaryman: working yourself to death is bad for your health. Sincerely, Dr. Mach'

Tokyo From Above-12

Tokyo From Above-8

Tokyo From Above-9

Tokyo From Above-1

Tokyo From Above-3

Tokyo From Above-2

Tokyo From Above-4

Tokyo From Above-6

Tokyo From Above-7

Tokyo From Above-15

Tokyo From Above-5

Tokyo From Above-10

Tokyo From Above-11

Tokyo From Above-13

Tokyo From Above-14

Tokyo From Above-16
Having a glass of wine at our hotel lounge restaurant (our room was not in the same building as this one, hence the actual skyline lights in the backdrop).


  1. Beautiful work! Love the night shots specifically and the wine glass was a great way to end it :)

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