Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Missus' Big B-day

We took an extended weekend down to Southern Alberta last weekend to celebrate Anita's big b-day. I'll leave it up to you to hazard a guess as to which decade, but venture ahead at thy own risk. We got up at ungodly hours to take sunrise photos (Anita apparently got as many mosquito bites as her age while I slowly snapped away), stayed up late to take evening shots, scrambled partway up Bertha Peak, and did afternoon tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel. These only cover some of the adventures we got up to in Waterton Lakes National Park, but you can see in some photos the extent of damage from the Kenow wildfire last year that ravaged a large portion of the park.

Waterton 2018-1
Minutes before sunrise over our hotel.

Waterton 2018-2
Minutes after sunrise.

Waterton 2018-17
Cameron Falls.

Waterton 2018-14
Falls along the route to Bertha Lake.

Waterton 2018-12
Look close - the water is actually flowing away from you in this photo.

Waterton 2018-18

Waterton 2018-16
Inside the main hall of the Prince of Wales.

Waterton 2018-15

Waterton 2018-21

Waterton 2018-22

Waterton 2018-20

Waterton 2018-23

Waterton 2018-19
Warning sign for if you guess Anita's b-day wrong (or maybe a little TOO accurately).

Waterton 2018-3
Hiking through wildfire ravaged forest trail, on the way up to Bertha Peak.

Waterton 2018-4

Waterton 2018-6
Just because it's your b-day, doesn't mean you don't have to get out and work to bag a peak. #summitnazi

Waterton 2018-5

Waterton 2018-7

Waterton 2018-8
We were tired from a long previous day of hiking, it was hot, humid, and we didn't locate a proper gully up, so we stopped after scrambling up a sketchy rockwall to enjoy the view before calling it quits.

Waterton 2018-9

Waterton 2018-10

Waterton 2018-11

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