Thursday, August 2, 2018

Trip Report - Mt. Bourgeau

Our friends invited us along to celebrate a milestone b-day with a hike up to the top of Mt. Bourgeau this past Saturday. We had the summit largely to ourselves after the threat of thunder and lightning chased off the larger groups that arrived a few minutes before us, only for the skies to clear up for a brief window. Serendipity!

While the route was mostly an easy hike presenting few difficulties, it was lengthy (25km roundtrip, ~40,000 steps according to our phones), and involved 1500m of total elevation gain topping out at 2930m above sea level. At one point, Anita had a bit of a meltdown as she complained of hunger with 'WHY IS IT FAACKING SNOWING ON ME WHEN ALL I WANT TO DO IS EAT MY SANDWICH DAMMMITTTT!!!' followed by an angry trudge to the top complete with stomping feet and an expression that screamed 'THIS IS BULLSHIT!'

All said, it took us around 10h40, with a stop for a b-day celebration at Bourgeau Lake on our descent, featuring cupcakes and tequila. Mountains, Summit Beer, Tequila, Cupcakes, and more Beer = a near perfect outing (minus the spousal meltdown).

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-3

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-7
This was the point where the epic meltdown started.

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-1

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-11

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-2

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-4

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-5
First it was rain, then it became pellet-ish snow, then it was thunder and lightning.

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-6

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-8
Summit Brew: Citizen Brewing Company's NW Pale Ale

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-9

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-10

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-12

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-13

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-14

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-15

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-16

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-17

Scrambles - Mt. Bourgeau-18

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