Friday, March 15, 2019

Natura Vive Skylodge - The Million Star Hotel

I wanted to share photos from one of the highlights of our trip to Peru last October. We spent one night at the Natura Vive Skylodge, a 'hotel' consisting of 3 clear pods suspended off the side of a cliff overlooking the sacred valley, with no elevator. To get to our room, we had to climb a Via Ferrata straight up a cliff side for 1300ft while carrying our bags for the evening. The views from the 'room' were phenomenal, especially in the evening, making the claim of 'The Million Star Hotel' very apt. See the milky way shot below.

[interlude] And because I know you're going to ask, yes, there was a partitioned off bathroom in each pod, that had a toilet seat set up over a bag lined bucket. When you finished your business, you tied up the bag (tightly) and dropped it down a chute that led to a bin underneath your pod. The thought "What if I need to poop?" never even crossed my mind when we booked this adventure, but when I posted a photo of this place to instagram, that's all anyone asked about. Weirdos. [end-erlude?]

To check out of the hotel, we ziplined down a series of 7 lines back to ground level. Are you sold yet? Is this something you'd be up for during a visit to Peru? Do you have a crippling fear of heights? Life advice: face your fears. What's the worst that could happen? Oh right, your fears could punch you right in the face... which in this case is a metaphor for "a wee bit of death." But it's mostly safe. There's harnesses, carabiners, fixed lines, and even some used gardening gloves to protect your delicate skin during the climbing and ziplining. So thoughtful. And I bet they might even inspect the ziplines every once in a while. Or not. Whatever. YOLO.

Okay, go look at the photos and decide for yourself. I wanted to post a GoPro video of me on a zipline... but I couldn't figure out how to work iMovie cause I'm dumb.

K, bye.

Peru Skylodge-18

Peru Skylodge-5

Peru Skylodge-21
These would be our rooms for the evening.

Peru Skylodge-20

Peru Skylodge-1
As they say, Safety Third. (1st: Get the shot. 2nd: Have fun).

Peru Skylodge-2

Peru Skylodge-3

Peru Skylodge-4

Peru Skylodge-22

Peru Skylodge-8

Peru Skylodge-23

Peru Skylodge-7

Peru Skylodge-9

Peru Skylodge-25

Peru Skylodge-10

Peru Skylodge-12

Peru Skylodge-13
The night sky view from atop our pod for the evening.

Peru Skylodge-14
Breakfast in the kitchen pod.

Peru Skylodge-15
Anita navigates between pods.

Peru Skylodge-16

Peru Skylodge-17
The interior of the pods looks like this.

Peru Skylodge-19

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