Sunday, May 5, 2019

Night Photography Workshop

Another no mountain weekend due to the weather, because apparently Mother Nature hates me. So instead, check out some shots from a night photography walk I hosted last weekend. We captured some long exposures and panning shots, got heckled by a moron who thought we should've been photographing him instead of the trains, and got startled by a stealthy beaver in the river. Just a regular night in downtown Calgary.

Night Photography Workshop-1
Moments before this shot, I was startled by a beaver lurking in the water... stealthy like a ninja.

Night Photography Workshop-8
"Ludicrous speed!"

Night Photography Workshop-9

Night Photography Workshop-4
Apparently, I own a crystal ball now. Should I start charging $$$ to read people's futures?

Night Photography Workshop-2

Night Photography Workshop-5

Night Photography Workshop-6

Night Photography Workshop-7

Night Photography Workshop-3

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