Sunday, June 16, 2019

Trip Report - Read's Tower

Jas and I set out to bag Read's Tower this past Saturday. We gained the 928m of elevation in under 2 hours, which is a pretty fast pace considering our geriatric bodies. The day started out nice, but the weather turned to rain, snow, and cloud cover as we approached the summit. I like how the photos at the top look like we were shooting an ad for the North Face or some other outdoor gear brand. Jas may yet still have a career as an 'insta-influencer'. Now, if you make it all the way to the end of the photos, I promise you will be rewarded by a shot of an incredibly detailed and life-like snowman that was freshly erected that day.

Scrambles - Read's Tower-14
Social Media Influencer?

Scrambles - Read's Tower-12
The clouds, rain, and light snow rolled in as we hit the summit.

Scrambles - Read's Tower-31
It's me!

Scrambles - Read's Tower-28

Scrambles - Read's Tower-27
Summit of Read's Tower on the right, Mt. Sparrowhawk on the left.

Scrambles - Read's Tower-9

Scrambles - Read's Tower-16

Scrambles - Read's Tower-17

Scrambles - Read's Tower-13

Scrambles - Read's Tower-11

Scrambles - Read's Tower-10
Summit Beers: St. Ambroise Pamplemousse IPA, and some random Mikkeler Sour.

Scrambles - Read's Tower-19

Scrambles - Read's Tower-24

Scrambles - Read's Tower-22

Scrambles - Read's Tower-23

Scrambles - Read's Tower-30
See... I told you there'd be a snowMAN. I had no hand in building this sculpture, but I will admit to giggling immaturely at it.

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