Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Stampede 2019

I go to the Stampede almost every year, but for some reason have never thought to take photos of it at night. So I just discovered how pretty everything is at dusk/ twilight, with the bright lights of the midway contrasting against the deep blue skies.

We went twice this year, and I got fat on overpriced carnie food (cereal milk sugar mini donuts with fruit loop whipped cream, octopi on a stick, caesar popsicles, mini donut popsicles, avocado soft serve in a pineapple bowl, wild boar bacon and elk smokie), won some prizes at Whac-a-mole, and roamed the midway wondering why so many were dressed like they were auditioning for a spot on Canada's Next Top Ho. But whatever, you do you Calgary. #youknowyoureoldwhen...

Stampede 2019-14

Stampede 2019-1
The Midway at Sunset.

Stampede 2019-9
The Midway at Dusk.

Stampede 2019-3
Death Cab For Cutie playing the Coke Stage.

Stampede 2019-4

Stampede 2019-8

Stampede 2019-10

Stampede 2019-11

Stampede 2019-12

Stampede 2019-16

Stampede 2019-15

Stampede 2019-17
My favourite midway game: Whac-a-mole!

Stampede 2019-18

Stampede 2019-19

Stampede 2019-21

Stampede 2019-20

Stampede 2019-22

Stampede 2019-26
Whac-a-mole winnings!

Stampede 2019-23
Avocado and Ube ice cream in pineapple bowls.

Stampede 2019-24
Caesar popsicle!

Stampede 2019-25
Dill Pickle Ice Cream!

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