Monday, August 12, 2019

_the coloured fellows always die first_

In horror movies, the coloured fellows always die first. This contextless sentence will make sense in a minute.

We got our heads up in the clouds this weekend, chancing it on a hike up Boundary Peak during a rainy Saturday, and were rewarded with sweet sweet summit views of absolutely nothing. Because despite the lush forest on the approach in, the interesting plateau leading up to the rocky summit ridge, and the supposed vista of endless mountains at the top, we spent three hours navigating through a thick soupy mist from straight out of a horror film. I remind you of my opening statement now. If there's one thing we should have learned from movies, it's that THE COLOURED FELLOWS ALWAYS DIE FIRST, especially when they venture outside into thick mist. So I made sure to let Jas lead, cause you know cinema loves a good brown guy death for the opening sequence (the Asian guy at least occasionally survives long enough to get a name in the credits)... Fortunately, we were not swallowed up by some shadow monster mind flaying demogorgon, but instead got some moody photos all along the summit ridge.

As a bonus for reading all the way here, scroll to the last two photos for a tutorial on how to instantly make your adventures look way more badass.

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-12
Visibility was poor the entire way.

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-2
That mood though...

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-14
A red shirted coloured fellow going towards the mist? Yeah, the over/under on him surviving the scene is poor.

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-1

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-3

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-6

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-9
Those sweet summit views... or complete lack thereof.

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-8
Summit Brew: Dildo Brewing Company I'se Da Bye PA New England IPA.

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-10

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-11

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-16
It's Me!

Scrambles - Boundary Peak-15

And now, a tutorial in how to make your adventure instantly more epic looking.

Step 1: Take photo on a slight inclined slope, like so:
Scrambles - Boundary Peak-4

Step 2:
Rotate photo to make slope appear steeper. Instantly more badass. :)
Scrambles - Boundary Peak-5

Note, this only works when you can't see the horizon in the photo, otherwise, it will be very obviously fake.

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