Sunday, February 16, 2020

"Too much rocks/ boulders" - McGillivray Canyon

Anita and I switched it up yesterday, and rather than try to summit a peak, we went to explore a gorgeous canyon instead. So I googled the route, and I kid you not, some genius wrote this review on a trail description: "Too much rocks/ boulders [sic]. I fell twice on the creek crossing the logs and rocks. Water was cold. 1 star." Now, I'm no expert... but this is like a yelp review where you ordered a soup and complain that it's too wet, and that you stabbed yourself in the face while trying to eat it with a fork. And that's why they should require you to pass a test before you're allowed online. Or outside. Or to dress yourself.

Anyways, dumbass internet users aside, the canyon was stunning (check out the photos), and owing to the fact that the parking area was well hidden, we only saw a couple others all day. Highly recommend, so long as you understand there are "much rocks/ boulders", and if you fall in the creek, you'll get wet.

McGillivray Canyon-2

McGillivray Canyon-4

McGillivray Canyon-3

McGillivray Canyon-5

McGillivray Canyon-8

McGillivray Canyon-9

McGillivray Canyon-6
Bit of an obstacle course. You try walking up a slippery log, with ice covering the walls for your handholds.

McGillivray Canyon-7

McGillivray Canyon-1

McGillivray Canyon-10

McGillivray Canyon-11

McGillivray Canyon-12

McGillivray Canyon-14

McGillivray Canyon-16

McGillivray Canyon-15

McGillivray Canyon-17

McGillivray Canyon-18

McGillivray Canyon-20

McGillivray Canyon-19<

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