Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Registan, Samarkand

Uzbekistan (no, I didn't just make that name up) was the third country on our Central Asian itinerary. It is a beautiful nation with a rich history of architecture, art and culture, and will soon become the next 'must see' destination for travellers, if it hasn't already. We spent a couple days in Samarkand, an important city along the ancient Silk Road, and got to see the grandeur and splendour of the Registan, a square surrounded by three stunning Madrasahs (religious institutions for higher study). This was also the place where I got to knock off my bucket list item of bribing a police officer (more on the below). I don't have the words to describe the beauty, so will let the photos do the heavy lifting instead. Enjoy!

Samarkand - Registan-20

Samarkand - Registan-22

Samarkand - Registan-3

Samarkand - Registan-4

Samarkand - Registan-5

Samarkand - Registan-6

Samarkand - Registan-2

Samarkand - Registan-7

Samarkand - Registan-10

Samarkand - Registan-11

Samarkand - Registan-12

Samarkand - Registan-8

Samarkand - Registan-13
We found the cover shot to the Lonely Planet Central Asia guide.

Samarkand - Registan-14

Samarkand - Registan-1

Samarkand - Registan-15
As the sun was setting, this was the view from inside one of the three madrasah's courtyards. Love that subdued light.

Samarkand - Registan-16
And after greasing the palm of a police officer, this was the view of the same courtyard from atop the otherwise off limits roof. Not really a spectacular view, but a novelty nonetheless.

Samarkand - Registan-17
Pano from said off limits roof.

Samarkand - Registan-18
Close up of one of the domes from the roof.

Samarkand - Registan-19
Arts and crafts in the making.

Samarkand - Registan-21

Samarkand - Registan-23

Samarkand - Registan-24

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