Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Peer Pressure Printing

During a recent video call, a colleague pointed out that for a person who takes as many photos as I do, I surprisingly had a blank wall behind me. And my rationale for this was that I don't look at the wall behind me in the office... but I succumbed to the commentary, and selected a bunch of photos to print anyways. Because there's no motivator quite like peer pressure and judgement.

So a couple hours, and 30 odd bucks later, I picked up these 8x12 enlargements, and all I can say is... print some of your photos. There's nothing quite like holding large physical prints, and collectively displayed as a set, they can look pretty awesome together. Even if you did get them done at Costco, and the quality is as mediocre as a Michelob Ultra.

For those that are interested, this random assortment of photos includes scenes from: Ottawa, Zanzibar, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Japan, Beijing, Newfoundland, Chile, Tibet, and the Canadian Rockies.

Print Englargements - Blog-2

Print Englargements - Blog-1

Print Englargements - Blog-3

Print Englargements - Blog-4
And this is how the images look as a set, hung on the wall.

Print Englargements - Blog-5

Print Englargements - Blog-6


  1. I just found your photostream on Flickr. I was disappointed to see that, like so many others, it has been abandoned long before I found it. Pleasantly surprised to see your blog is still functioning, and current!

    Beautiful images, and a good point, that we should hold art in our hands more often.


  2. Hi Karen! Thanks for taking the time comment. You’re right, unfortunately most of us long time Flickr users have long since migrated away from that platform. When they got bought out by yahoo way back when, that was sort of the death knell for that entire community, and now I only use it to host photos for this silly blog. I am also on Instagram, under the user name 2litresofsoysauce, if you ever want to connect on that platform, despite its many photo sharing limitations.