Sunday, November 29, 2009

A little Sunday afternoon boredom

A little Sunday afternoon project to indulge my love of colourful custom bokeh. I wanted to give the phrase I Heart Bokeh a little more meaning, so I did a custom heart shaped bokeh mask. And then I went to Michael's, and used one of their fancy schmancy punches to create a Plane shaped bokeh mask (Planekeh!). I'll probably never use these again, as they're not terribly practical, and they are quite shoddily constructed, but they were fun for all of an hour tonight. If you've got an SLR, a lens with a fairly large aperture, and want to try this out, drop me a comment, and I'll walk you through the process.

The Completed Heartkeh and Planekeh masks (scissors, an Exacto knife, some tape, and ~20 minutes labour)

Christmas decorations on the trees at Confederation Golf Course

I Heart Bokeh!!!

The bright white plane is actually the moon, while the blue ones were lights on a tree.

Probably my favourite shot of the bunch. It's kind of got that 'Follow your dreams' or 'Aim High' kind of feel to it.

December in a couple days... GAAAAHHH!


  1. alright... fine... I'll make my dildokeh.

  2. ooh, a dildokeh could be hard to erect, but would definitely be a great show of oneUPmanship. har...