Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Photo Mosaik

Okay I'm a sucker for mosaiks, so in no particular order, here are a selection of photos I took this year both at home, and abroad. They're just a sampling of the variety of cameras, film, techniques and subjects that I experimented with this past year. I'm looking forward to the challenges and adventures that await in 2010.

And this, folks, is my last post of the year. PAAAAR-TAY. And remember, don't drink and dial drive.

Mosaik 2009

1. Maelstrom, 2. Out At Sea, 3. Viva Madrid!, 4. Vibrant, 5. Textures on Heart, 6. Refresh, 7. Aspire, 8. Voigtlander Vito II-3, 9. Intense, 10. One Headlight, 11. Brooklyn Bridge , 12. Synchronized Swimming, 13. Acupunctures, 14. Unwilling Model, 15. Voigtlander Vito II, 16. Grain Bokeh (2), 17. Single, 18. A Little Flare, 19. Found, 20. Images of Fall-4, 21. Passing By, 22. Twin Towers, 23. Seattle Underground, 24. Nocturna, 25. The Simple Life (4)



  1. Happy New Year, George!

  2. Thanks Trane! Happy New Year to you as well!