Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last 365 of my decade

I hadn't even realized it until several folks mentioned it on facebook. I turn 29 tomorrow (well, technically, today, since I took so long to compose this entry). It's my last 365 days that I can call myself a 20-something, before I hit that 3rd decade in life whereby one graduates to relaxed fit khakis and tucked in Ralph Lauren sweaters. Truly, I dread this date next year.

I don't know how best to cap off my 2009 in one post. So much stuff has happened this year that no one singular entry can even begin to do justice to it's epicness (which apparently isn't a word because blogger's built in spell check has it underlined in red - ironically, so is the word "blogger's"). Here's a short list that I just came up with off the top of my head of trips, new music, movies, books, cameras and other things that contributed to this epicness (still not a real word):

New York City/ Tokyo/ Kyoto/ Osaka/ Fugu Sashimi/ Hong Kong/ Seattle/ Vancouver/ Grouse Grind/ Nissin Instant Noodles/ Las Vegas/ Kings of Leon/ The Submarines/ Modest Mouse/ The Lovely Feathers/ Flight of the Conchords/ True Blood/ Pride and Prejudice and Zombies/ Factory Girls/ Lost on Planet China/ Postcards from Tomorrow Square/ ACAD/ SAIT/ Flickr/ Holga/ Diana Mini/ Voigtlander Vito II/ f/1.8/ Manual Focus/ Prime Lenses/ Toy Cameras/ Photowalks/ Globefish Sushi/ Mt. Indefatigable/ Double Exposures/ The Impossible Project reviving Polaroid film/ Converse Chuck Taylors/ I'm sure there's way more, but I'm still freaking bagged from Vegas, so I'll end it here.

I have a ton of new photos and other stuff to post, but just can't seem to decide where to start... so I'll leave them for next year. Wishing you a fun and safe New Year's party, and health, happiness, and prosperity in 2010.


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  1. You made me realize what I did in my twenties, all I remember is going to office and working to earn money. Do enjoy this last 365 days of 20s to its fullest. Thanks for sharing the blog