Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hiking Old Goat Glacier

Third weekend in a row that we drove that crater filled gravel road beyond the Canmore Nordic Centre to get to the Smith-Dorrien for a hike. We chose a shorter trek this weekend, opting for a small 650m elevation gain hike in to see the Old Goat Glacier. As you approach, the glacier looks pretty pathetic from afar, but when you get right up to it, you realize it's far more impressive than you first thought (it extends much further than you can see, as much of it is currently buried under the loose rock).

Old Goat Glacier-2

Old Goat Glacier-1Obviously, this photo has been heavily edited. I like how it looks like Anita and I were here in 1973, and not just yesterday.

Old Goat Glacier-3

Old Goat Glacier-4

Old Goat Glacier-5

Old Goat Glacier-6

Old Goat Glacier-7

Old Goat Glacier-8

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