Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roadtrip to Drumheller

We took a road trip out to Drumheller a couple weekends ago to check out the badlands, and also to hit up the Royal Tyrrell Museum. The photos are mostly self explanatory, so I'll save you the effort of reading some boring write up...

Drumheller Roadtrip-8These sights are an increasing rarity.

Drumheller Roadtrip-7Horsethief Canyon at sunset.

Drumheller Roadtrip-6Coins + Fish = BAD?!

Drumheller Roadtrip-5
Seen inside the museum. Kinda gross, but I couldn't stop looking.

Drumheller Roadtrip-3Anita shadowboxing an Albertasaurus.

Drumheller Roadtrip-2

Drumheller Roadtrip-4The immature child in me finds this photo amusing... mostly because this is as close as you get in real life to seeing a T-Rex prepare to chow down on some unsuspecting passerby.

Drumheller Roadtrip-1Who doesn't like a bit of sunflower action...

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  1. Did you know that sunflowers always have a prime number of petals?