Thursday, February 2, 2012


A couple years ago, I took part in a United Way affiliated project in which we were tasked with learning about, and examining, poverty within our community. And as a final output of that, we were to present what we learned through photos. This was a gratifying experience in terms of personal learning of an issue close to my heart. But today, when I was informed that one of my photos from that project was 'published' in the Calgary Journal, a local online paper with several printed editions a month, I was so excited in that smug, vainglorious, "I can't believe something of mine got chosen for inclusion in a publication" sort of way, that I almost crapped my pants. But I think the excessive consumption of granola cereal this morning might have had something to do with the latter as well. Damn you, fibre-licious cereal!!

Anyways, back to the point. If you're interested, you can read the entire article here. And if you don't feel like reading about poverty initiatives in Calgary, you can just scroll down the page to see the photo with the credit underneath that was partially the cause of my pants crapping near-miss!

Lastly, the photo itself was taken at 'Cash Corner', a local hangout for folks seeking to do short term manual labour for cash. These three fellows were all seeking cash jobs for the day (doing whatever labour was in demand), and were either currently homeless, and/ or had spent time in homeless shelters. It was an eye opening experience chatting with them to learn about the myriad issues they faced in a life often spent at the edge of poverty...


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