Sunday, January 29, 2012

Adventures in Fooding - Taipei

Anita and I are proud of the fact that we can stomach (literally and figuratively) a much broader range of 'food' than our North American peers, and so we take photos of some of the more exotic or interesting fooling adventures we've been on. Here's a quick set from our adventures in Taiwan. Every once in a while, even we find something so unappetizing or appallingly unsanitary that we won't eat them. The first photo in this series is one of those cases. Really, who DOESN'T want to eat a yummy pork snout hanging a foot off the ground, unrefrigerated on a table in the street exposed to the splashing of puddles from passing vehicles. Did I mention this was literally on the street? There were no sidewalks. Yum.

Adventures in Fooding - No Snout about it...

Fooding Taipei

Fooding Taipei-2

Fooding Taipei-4

Fooding Taipei-5

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