Friday, February 1, 2013

Life Drawing at Sandy Hill

Took in the weekly life drawing session at Sandy Hill in Ottawa this past week. Fun times, even though I suck at drawing. All sketches done with a Pentel Pocket Brush ink pen, chalk and conte.

Life Drawing - Sandy Hill-4

Life Drawing - Sandy Hill-3

Life Drawing - Sandy Hill-2

Life Drawing - Sandy Hill-5

Life Drawing - Sandy Hill

Completely unrelated, but for those of you in Calgary, and looking to shoot some film this weekend, contact me about Sunday - we're looking to do another edition of 'Digital Free Day.'


  1. I really like "sandy-hill 5" (this one:
    I may just print it out, and put it on my art wall.

  2. Hey Marc! I'll just send it to you in the mail. But it won't be quite as bright as you see on screen, cause the scanner brightens images up a bit.