Sunday, March 17, 2013

Adventures in Fooding - Sushi at Red Ember, Calgary

Blogging our fooding adventures is almost becoming a weekend tradition... we've been dining out a lot lately, and tonight I present you with some photos from our latest adventure at Red Ember, a great little Sushi restaurant in Kensington. While the parking situation was a little confusing for this place, the rest of the evening was pretty much spot on perfect.

The sashimi was fresh, reasonably priced ($34.95 for 24 pcs), and very generously portioned. And for fans of Uni (sea urchin), it's currently in season, and you can get very large portions of fresh Uni for $3.95/ piece. YUM! The menu was fairly standard, offering the gamut of your typical Japanese appetizers, sunomonos, sushi/ sashimi, and rolls, but there were some unusual items that we hadn't tried before as well. These included Akimo (monkfish liver with ponzu sauce, topped with grated daikon and chives), and the house Red Ember roll (a tuna and salmon roll, tempura battered and fried, sliced into 6 pieces, laid onto their sides, and then each topped with one of six different ingredients - seaweed salad, chopped scallops, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, mango salad, and spicy crab). All told, our meal came to a shade over $100 including drinks, and we were rolling out of there stuffed like overloaded suitcases. The wait staff were friendly and attentive, and while we were paying the cheque, inquired if we enjoyed our meal. Our reply was a resounding, "We'll definitely be back."

Sushi at Red Ember

Sushi at Red Ember-2

Sushi at Red Ember-3

Sushi at Red Ember-5

Sushi at Red Ember-4

Sushi at Red Ember-6

Sushi at Red Ember-12

Sushi at Red Ember-7

Sushi at Red Ember-8

Sushi at Red Ember-9

Sushi at Red Ember-10

Sushi at Red Ember-11

Sushi at Red Ember-13

Sushi at Red Ember-14

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