Monday, March 25, 2013

_my drop kick homage to Van Damme, c. 1990_

I was out jogging in the late afternoon today, when a fatass in a white Pontiac Sunfire gave me a drive by heckling. The bastard rolled down his window, squeezed his pudgy face out of it, and heckled me with some unintelligble high pitched yelling while he passed me. I slowed my pace for a second in confusion... I was slightly disoriented, and momentarily thought I had travelled to some alternate universe where obese men cruising the streets of suburbia in an old white Sunfire was considered cool. But alas, I regained my senses and realized HA - there IS NO.SUCH.UNIVERSE! Seriously, a Sunfire! The most pathetic excuse of a vehicle a man could ever drive. Google 'Is a sunfire' and see what the auto fill comes up with, and the page results for those autofills. He may as well have been wearing a dress, sporting a perm, and pounding Taylor Swift through the tinny speakers.

Sadly, I got over my confusion too late to chase the unlikely bully down and dropkick his car into oblivion, Van Damme Style. You know THE KICK, where JCVD jumps and spins and does the splits while connecting with a vicious back heel, and the victim's face does one of those slow motion mouth wiggles as teeth and spit fly in 3 different directions. Only, in this case, it would have been the Sunfire's radiator exploding into a fountain of green gatorade from the impact of my drop kick homage to Van Damme, c. 1990. Sorry Mr. Damme*, I let you down.

*Do you think he goes by Mr. Damme or Mr. Van Damme? Is Van a middle name, or an additional surname? Why didn't they teach us these important facts in school?

And in a completely unrelated matter, this is a photo I took of stuff . Good times.

Random French Facade

Three overlapping exposures, taken with a Diana mini on Ilford XP2 Super 400 film.

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