Friday, July 26, 2013

_my inner Kaiju took a Xanax and went for a nap_

It is with great shame and dishonour that I admit, I have not yet seen Pacific Rim. It is true, I do in fact wish to see this cinematic masterpiece. Alas, when I broached the subject with the Missus, it went like this:

Him: *excitedly spitting out the words* I want to see Pacific Rim!!!
Her: Wh...yyyy??? *spoken with that slow drawl of pity, confusion, and slight condescension*

Now folks, you often hear of times when things are said in the heat of a moment that truly test the tensile strength of your marital fabric. Her single worded (but drawn out) response was one of those instances. However, as I replay the expression on her face in my head, I believe she may have actually misheard me say "I want to dress in diapers to mow the lawn." I believe this, because no rational person would question WHY one would be excited about seeing a movie filled with Kaiju (giant monsters) and robots. Duh.

I was tempted to continue down this treacherous trail of conversation with a followup question of which NeoGeo arcade game was most underappreciated - King of the Monsters, or Ninja Combat. Luckily, my inner Kaiju took a Xanax and went for a nap, and I walked away instead of verbally sparring for moral superiority over whose Japanese pop culture tastes were more... morally superior.

Side note- if you actually dared answer the above question and picked Ninja Combat, I'm afraid that you may have also placed irreparable strain on the fabric of our friendship. Giant city destroying monsters duking it out, Street Fighter style ALWAYS wins. ALWAYS.

Okay, enough geeking about the bush for now. On to some photos. These were taken as part of a test roll I ran through my La Sardinia toy camera. It is a crap plastic camera made in tribute to old sardine cans, with a crap plastic wide 22mm lens. Total garbage camera, but makes for some fun pictures. Shot on Holga 'Hi Speed' ISO 640 film, which the 'photolab tech' (pronounce that with a healthy dose of derision) at London Drugs almost refused to process because it didn't say C-41 on the cannister. Photonerds would understand the idiocy behind that. Yet another moment in which my inner Kaiju needed to pop a valium cocktail so as not to smash the PUNY HUUUUUMAN's head.

La Sardinia Test Roll-4

La Sardinia Test Roll

The Ricohflex
Georgette and her Ricohflex TLR.

La Sardinia Test Roll-6
The monster movie hating Missus, double exposed against Banker's Hall

The 1600mm
Scott and his 1600mm equivalent bazooka lens (400mm with two 2x Teleconverters - widest available aperture of f/600)

La Sardinia Test Roll-3
A custom modded Polaroid Land Camera (Frankenroid!)

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