Monday, July 22, 2013

Royal Baby, Regal Student

So... the Royals had a baby boy. Personally, I'm indifferent to the scandal and court intrigues comings and goings of their Royal Them-nessess, but I do find the hoopla surrounding their celebrity status curious. I suppose they are no different than Hollywood celebrities, in that we are fascinated by any glimpse of life behind the veil of those celebrity personas, seeking proof of their regular mundanity, yet also secretly hoping that behind the veil is in fact an even more outlandish Lady Gaga/Liberace flamboyance for us to all gawk at and hate on. Be honest, while we all politely spoke of best wishes for a smooth delivery, you know you pondered a world in which the 3rd-in-line heir to the throne was born a hermaphrodite... or black. Oh man, the fun the tabloids would have had. Anyways...

This photo is NOT of a famous celebrity adored the world over, but rather is a portrait of one of my former students that joined a group of her cohorts for a short photowalk. This is one of my favourites I've taken with the Rolleiflex, despite the distracting bit of white background beside her nose and eye. I particularly like the candidness of the shot, and the way the light was filtering in from the open air patio to the right side.

The Student

Rolleiflex 2.8E on Neopan 400. Developed in Ilfosol 3 at 68 deg. F, 1+9 for 6:30.

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