Sunday, November 10, 2013


I was thinking about Movember today, but not in a 'I'm gonna grow me a Mo' type of way, because we all know how pathetic the three stray hairs on my upper lip would look after a month of growth. I was actually thinking, is there some female equivalent to Movember? Something funny sounding like Vajanuary? Come on, that's genius - January is cold, so dress warm! But it turns out there are already varying months and portmanteaux that random female interest groups have suggested. Julyna, Decembeaver, Muffember. Too bad, I thought I was onto something, but I guess I won't be the innovative champion for women's private part cancers after all. Oh well.

Anyways... check out this animated gif I made of Anita jumping for Vajoy.


Note: she's going to murder me for posting this. It was nice knowing you all.

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