Monday, April 21, 2014

The Dumbphone Diet That Nearly Killed Me

The smartphone cleanse/ dumb phone diet has finally ended. And I will freely admit that like a smoker trying to quit, I fell off the bandwagon multiple times towards the end, and succumbed to the allure of mobile internet. The further into my quitting phase I went, the stronger the draw was, and once I gave in, it became easier and easier to rationalize why I NEEDED to 3G. So to you 'I'm trying to quit smoking' smokers out there, I finally understand what it's like, and I don't envy you.

This is just a sneak preview of a session I shot tonight with Anita the reluctant model. The film is hang drying in my bathroom at the moment, so scans of that to come tomorrow.

People and Pet Portraits-2

Lit using a single floor lamp with 60W equivalent compact fluorescent bulb, hence the terrible light fall off. The shadow is also rather distracting, but I was working in a limited space, and needed to position her close to the wall. Excuse after excuse, eh? I'll admit it, I'm a shite photographer.

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  1. no way i think it's a brilliant portrait! so renaissance-y.