Saturday, October 4, 2014

6 Years: _for all that you are_

The way you uncontrollably giggle at yourself after you do something silly. The way you sheepishly say 'oops' after you fart. That adorable way you stick your tongue out in guilt when you eat my portion of the ice cream. The way you run to me as if searching for your mom to hug you after doing something embarrassing. The way you struggle trying to say the word 'crisp', invariably uttering 'Crips' instead like a gang member. The way you get confused and flustered every time you are tasked with reading a map to find directions. The way you can't make the rolling R sound in words like "arrrrrriba", and end up sounding like you're clearing phlegm out of your throat.

After 6 years of marriage, these details about you have only gotten more adorable, and I look forward to seeing these play out across our adventures for the rest of our lives. Happy Anniversary Hun! I love you for all you that are.

My Hippie Wife

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