Monday, November 3, 2014

The Tire Kicking Trolls of Kijiji

I posted a lens for sale on Kijiji this weekend for $350, which is over a hundred bucks in savings on a comparable brand new one. Mine is a few months old, and has been used once. I fully expected low ball offers in the $300 or so range, but some tire kicking troll emails me and asks if I am interested in $230, because he's not sure he would use the lens. Uh... then why in the FAACK are you looking to buy it?

I'm so tempted to email him back with, 'Yes, I am interested in $230. PLUS another $120. What I am NOT interested in, though, is your little story about why you won't use the lens, therefore somehow qualifying you for a discount. Because I give not one shit. Faack you very much.'

If you're going to try to haggle price, at least make your story original. Tell me how you need to save money for a pet goat for your little brother who has aspergers. Or how you were only able to raise $230 selling your collection of belly button lint. Cause while I would still ignore your lowball play, at least you can provide me with some entertainment as a trade off to your wasting of my time. Some sad excuse about how you don't actually need the item you clearly are interested in acquiring just makes me want to roundhouse kick you in the throat, Van Damme style.

Anyways, on to something far more relaxing. This is a stitched panoramic view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It was taken a couple years ago, but I never got around to doing anything with it until now. Click the photo to see it full screen, where you can see much more detail.

Paris, Je T'aime

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