Thursday, August 6, 2015

Of Monsters and Men - Live in YYC

Of Monsters and Men played a sold out show at the Grey Eagle Casino Events Centre last night. It was fun, it was energetic, and if you like how their music sounds at home/ in your car/ through your earbuds, you'll be relieved to learn that their live show is a very sound (pardon the pun) rendition of what you already know and love. Unlike so many bands that are unable to live up to the fullness of their vocals, instrumentation, and sounds when performing live vs. the overproduced sound on their records, seeing OMAM live was like listening to a really loud and amped up version of their album on your stereo. And their acknowledgement of our weird weather (two hail storms, flooding, and a tornado in the two days they spent in our city) certainly endeared them to the locals. Crowd pleasing, for sure.

Of Monsters and Men-2

Of Monsters and Men-5

Of Monsters and Men-3

Of Monsters and Men-4

And as far as opening acts go, local outfit SAVK, did a more than admirable job of warming up the crowd with their set.

Of Monsters and Men-1

For the photo nerds out there, all shots taken with the Sony RX100 point and shoot. It packs a 1" sensor in a compact enough body that doesn't net any attention from security. A good tradeoff between crappy iPhone shots, and much more capable (but possibly won't be allowed in to a concert venue) mirrorless or SLR cameras.

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