Sunday, October 4, 2015


Anita and I went for dinner last night at Sushi Kawa, and as per usual, we ordered enough to feed a family of 8. The waitress took our order without judgement, until we reached the 'oh, one last thing, can we also have the grilled Hamachi cheek?' Her face scrunched up into an awkward expression of 'I don't want to be impolite, but YOU TWO IS GONNA GET FAT.' She didn't actually say that, but smiled, bowed, and more diplomatically said "That will be more than enough."

It's our 7th anniversary today. The past 2500+ days have flown by as our shared passion in all things exotic food and travel have taken us thousands and thousands of miles through 34 countries and countless cities. Here's to many many more!

A couple photos from our time in Tokyo earlier this year:
Seven Year Itch-2
We went for fresh sushi breakfast (twice) at Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo.

Seven Year Itch-1
Mmmm... Chirashi Don for breakfast.

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