Monday, July 25, 2016

Family Polaroids for Mariana's B-day

As my niece Mariana gets older, I worry that she'll soon outgrow her interest in hamming it up for my cameras. So taking advantage while she's still game, I shot some rare family photos with her and my folks on her 9th birthday weekend. Although the digital photos below are pretty nice, what I really treasure are the polaroids we shot, on limited edition Third Man Records (Jack White's record company) black frame Impossible Project film. The black and yellow duotone adds a dreamy nostalgic aesthetic, and I love that I still have a chance to show Mariana the magic of instant film photography.

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-11-2
Hipster Kung-fu Masters

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-1
The polaroids!

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-8

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-4

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-1

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-2

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-3

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-5

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-6

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-9-2
I love that even mom got in on the Vogue action

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-12-2

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-10-2

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-13
I look like a giant in this photo compared to the rest of my family

Digital photos shot with the Fuji X-T1 and 35 f/1.4, polaroids shot with an SX70. The Third Man Records film is 600 speed, so it's actually too fast for an SX-70, but with the exposure wheel cranked all the way down, the photos taken indoors by window light turned out surprisingly nice.

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