Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Small Taste of Stampede 2016

We took my folks down to experience the Calgary Stampede this weekend. And as you look on these photos, I know you might be wondering why George's mom decided to wear a tiger print fleece vest. I do too. But let's ignore this fashion faux pas, and focus on the important thing, which is that you can win the single greatest midway prize in the history of ever: a Sriracha plush toy! O.M.G!! All it takes is a few bucks and some mad skills at Whac-a-mole. Also, I feel like you owe it to your stomach to get ye down there for a decadent meal of cream cheese glazed red velvet mini donuts on a stick. Because heart disease and diabetes should at least taste delicious.

Stampede 2016-8

Stampede 2016-7

Stampede 2016-6

Stampede 2016-5
Red Velvet Mini Donuts on a stick!

Stampede 2016-4

Stampede 2016-1

Stampede 2016-3

Stampede 2016-2

Stampede 2016-9

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