Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Trip Report: Tiara Peak

We celebrated the arrival of summer with a trek up Tiara Peak in the Powderface area of Kananaskis. It was supposed to be an easy and short day, but turned out to be rather trying. From the unexpected heat and humidity, to the long ass approach through a never ending creek bed, to a steep slog up a scree face to gain the ridge, this turned out to be a real 'marriage tester'. Anita was not feeling it, right from the get go, and the longer the day wore on (and it wore on for a LONG time), the more grumpy she got.

At one point, a mere 50 vertical metres shy of the summit, she pleaded with me to quit. But my stubbornness to finish overpowered her will to settle, and so she resigned herself to a final push up the final few metres of elevation gain. Sometimes marriage isn't about compromise, it's about motivating (shaming?) your other half into bagging goals they don't think they can do. When applying this tactic, just remember to stay well back of cliff edges, lest an unfortunate 'oops, I accidentally pushed my husband off a mountain on purpose' moment plays out. Happy to report she has not been charged with husbandicide. #marriagegoals

Scrambles - Tiara Peak-12

Scrambles - Tiara Peak-3
A hot and humid approach along a creek bed to start the day.

Scrambles - Tiara Peak-6

Scrambles - Tiara Peak-7

Scrambles - Tiara Peak-10
This is the international sign for 'Your wife is getting really tired of this shit'

Scrambles - Tiara Peak-11
And this here is the look of resigned defeat.

Scrambles - Tiara Peak-13
Mere meters from the summit.

Scrambles - Tiara Peak-15
Finally, a few minutes to relax before the long descent.

Scrambles - Tiara Peak-14
Summit Beer: Suiyoubi No Neko Belgian Style White Ale.

Scrambles - Tiara Peak-16

Scrambles - Tiara Peak-8

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